The A/V Arena is a very, very new forum. What could possibly go on here? Do they answer questions about hooking up Nintendos all day? Do they compare their RAZR cameraphones to actual human-usable cameras? Let's find out courtesy of my home skillet, THESE SOCKS?

Welcome to the A/V Arena! - The A/V Arena is the newest forum here on Something Awful, where you can discuss how Monster Cables increased the sound quality of your speakers a million times over.

HDTV Megathread - All your HDTV questions answered in one handy place.

The Smartphone Megathread! - The A/V Arena also has its own subforum, The Cellphone Shack! Here's a thread where you can ask for recommendations for intelligent telephones.

For your listening pleasure: The quick audio questions megathread! - This thread is for all those questions about audio setups that aren't important enough for their own thread.

No Music Discussion. Don't discuss music here, ever, for any reason. If you attempt to discuss music, you are subject to the fury of thousands of angry nerd fingers lashing their keyboards at lightning speed to disagree with you. DON'T DO IT, I BEG OF YOU!! But first, pour a 40 for Sir Tonk.

Fortnightly Album Review Thread Vol. 3: El Cielo by Dredg - The third 'NMD Album Review Party' is up and running. c0ldfuse is there for us with a quick story and an explanation of the concept behind El Cielo.

Neutral Milk Hotel Reunion/Tiny Mix Tapes - Lestargis has the inside line on the festival of the decade for the elite hipster. Neutral Milk Hotel, Sun O))), Sage Francis... APRIL FOOLS! Oh, you're so creative.

Could You Ever Go to an All-Digital Music Collection? - Ma_NiC likes to look at his CD's, but not listen to them. What are your thoughts on the movement to mp3-only collections?

Bands you like... have they already peaked? - Funfeti wants to be there from the beginning, but just can't seem to make it. Were you there for that 'moment' with your favorite band?

Favorite Album of 2007 so far? - We're a fourth of the way into this year and Thenipwax would like to know your thoughts on the best album so far.

The Mars Volta shooting for an August release on next album - Intel&Sebastian has all the hottest news about The Mars Volta's new album coming later this year.

Awesome Concert/Band DVDs - Asparagus is looking for more concert DVDs to fill his shelves. Suggestions are appreciated.

Black Metal Discussion - Do you like album covers with unreadable text? Do you like bands with names from fantasy novels? If so, then please go to this thread by Spiderbox because I couldn't possibly help you as much as the people posting in here.

[USA]The Rock the Bells Festival -RATM(!!!!!!)+Wu-Tang & others TBA - hendzen had the info over a month ago, but stay tuned to the Concert Calendar for updates on the additional fifteen dates that could be in a town near you.

Home/Computer Recording Megathread PART TWO: Rivensbitch Teaches Recording - For all of you with a copy of GarageBand lying dormant on your MacBook, nimper has part two of the Home Recording Megathread in the Musician's Lounge.

Quit playing Games with my heart, but by all means, my Nintendo would love it! Mr. Onslaught in the house.

Go out and buy Earth Defense Force right fucking now! - This is no fucking joke! Buy this fucking game! Right. Fucking. Now!

Are video game collectors a dying breed? - I love paying the same price for digital games as ones that don't come with a box, physical disc, or manual.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night(XBLA) - When a mommy Samus loves a daddy Belmont very much, you get a very well crafted 2d action game.

You loathe it, I play it - Megaman X8 - Fight, Rockman ! For everlasting peace !

Cybermagic: "I can deep throat the golden flute" - Tifa - Your console sucks and so does this goon-made game.

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