Batman's Shameful Secret is our forum all about comic books and "graphic novels" (which is just a fancy way of saying "comic books for people who think they're smart"). What up with it, muscles like this?

Hello newbies! Don't be afraid! This week marks the start of a hopefully more newbie friendly BSS. As such forum mod CapnAndy has started a thread to welcome any newcomers. Hurrah!

The Newbie and Lurker Adoption Thread Part numero dos of operation "Get more newbies/lurkers to post"

BSS Book Club - A Contract With God A book club? But we read comics not actual books, how can this be? The first graphic novel by one of the greatest comic legends.

The Great Invisibles Re/Read We've gone book club crazy this week. The premise of this one is that we read a single trade collection each week and then discuss.

"Flank the perimeter! We have bogeys heading in through the back! Go, go, go!! They're trying to get into the garage!!" The Firing Range is our gun forum, and here's a fact: It's the only forum in which a majority of the regulars believe World War 3 will both begin and end on their property. Miso Beno took a break from building a radar dish to give us this roundup.

Street Gang home invasion bonanza BIG HORNY COW experiences the paranoid survivalist dream by attending a keg party which gets held up by an angry street gang looking for revenge.

Cleaning: business or pleasure? Aimbot asks: is cleaning your guns tantalizing, or torturous?

What is this? (WWII grenade or something) Kjeks asks us what the hell he found, and if it's going to blow up and kill him.

FBI data about Cop attackers & their weapons (article) dirty urine test reposts an article regarding criminals who kill cops who catch criminals.

Non-lethal self defense gadgets Artisan asks how to defend himself in a state that frowns on self-defense.

Ask Sara Brady a Queston! Nitrogen found out that the Brady Campaign thought a Q&A session would be a good idea. They were very, very wrong.

Reloading (for people who aren't sure about reloading) radioactivelego explains the finer points of reloading, as well as what equipment you'll want compared to what equipment you'll need.

Zee Goggles, zey do nothing! zeek40 needs some good eye protection; Sky Shark recounts getting hit in the face with projectile lumber.

Group Buy of M1(A2) uppers nickhalfasleep starts the groundwork for a group order of GD M1A2 120mm upper receivers. Get on this before we close off the group buy!

Tell Me about Home Defense Shotguns. Disciple of Pain is a paranoid gun toting jerk and wants advice from paranoid gun toting jerks on shotguns.

The Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse is where SA goons go for their anime discussion needs. I find the fact that it's a "need" for some people to be quite disturbing, but whatever floats your boat! Your horribly obese and stinky boat! fishmech representin'.

Let's give things the 4Kids treatment - 4Kids has been long hated by the anime community for how they handle distribution of anime in the US - they censor and edit stuff up to make things kid-friendly! Guns replaced by people pointing fingers, crosses removed so as not to offend Christians, and more. Now some anime can be really funny with these edits, and this thread shows how.

What is your favorite anime quote? This will be used at Anime Punch 2007. - As part of a secret project planned for Anime Punch 2007, organizers are asking for SA's favorite and funniest anime quotes. Post here, and you may end up being a hero to anime fans everywhere, or maybe you'll just be mocked. Also a great thread to find new shows to watch.

FYAD is pink and has less rules than the rest of the forums, and that's pretty much all there is to say about it that won't get me made fun of later. gobbles worked really hard putting this summary together.

who the fuck eats one portion of easymac - Woah! Everybody look at this big ole fat dude. Fat dude eats easymac.

is there anyone in fyad who is old enough to drive but cant? - I won't lie, the only point in reading this thread is just to find an update on Gingis' sex life.

riidi im sorry - If you've ever wondered if there is a one-handed Christian out there who enjoys weird cartoon incest porn and the company of poster Gingis, then look no further!

a fat kid got suspended for wearing pirate clothes to school and said he wa - Freedom of religion is probably the worst thing about the U.S.

so should i just permaban Liface right now or what - Anybody can edit Liface's posts now.

That's it for now! Big ups to all of the forum representatives that let us all know what's "hot" and what's "not" this week. Just remember: Links give you strength! Come back next week! Increase your power! Attract mates and get that raise at work!

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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