You'll want to use a specifically different font when "branding" your comic. "Branding" is the process of inserting your URL somewhere on the actual comic, and is used to counteract the people who simply forward your ingenious creation without giving you credit for it. Try to put your web address somewhere noticeable so everybody within a six-mile radius of the computer monitor will be able to tell where to find more of your work.

BAD: The URL is much too small and barely readable.

GOOD: Much easier on the eyes.

Step 5: The Punchline!

Every strip should have at least one punchline. Since the traditional comic format limits strips to about three frames, you should learn how to appropriately space out the "lead in" to the punchline and hit the apex of the joke in the final panel. This may take some time and experience, so let's take a look at how NOT to do this:

Joke never gets to the laughably obvious punchline.

You'll also want to know what audience you're aiming for, so you may cater your jokes appropriately. The same hilarious remarks you make about dating and oral sex in your relationship comic may not go over too well for an IT-based comic, as many IT workers haven't had sexual intercourse since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Be aware of who your audience is and make the comic for them!

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