DebbieH: OH, ok!

Zack: Well she's not really a teacher, I mean it's pre-school what do they really learn there except looking at pictures and stuff? Like pictures of girls on girls!!

DebbieH: Lol!!! What did she say about the account???

Zack: She said it sounds awesome! I am going to sign her up too!

DebbieH: Wow, thats great!!! Thank you sir!!

Zack: She said she could use it as a tool in class. I think that sounds like a good idea, what do you think?

DebbieH: I think so too!! What kind of a tool though????

Zack: To teach about girls on girls or do you have like some sections on the site for kids?

DebbieH: No, our site is purely adult oriented... I suppose kids should learn about girls on girls too!!!!

Zack: I agree. I'm glad we agree. I think no one is too young or too old to learn about girls on girls. They are a very powerful force in society!

DebbieH: Yeah!!! Especially the HOT HOT HOT ones we have on our site!!! Have you looked at it much yet????

Zack: I haven't had much time yet but Mrs. Goering said it looks really good. She went through the preview part and then told me to sign her up!

DebbieH: Wow, thats great!

Zack: Hey, she has a question.

DebbieH: Oh ok, what's her question????

Zack: She wants to know if it's okay to show it to the class because of copyright issues? Like does she need to buy an account for each student or can they share one account?

DebbieH: OH, I think it would be alright for her to show them!!! Except that maybe the student's parents have to agree first. Because sometimes people don't want children to see girls on girls!!!!

Zack: Well, yeah I know. They are downers, but at the beginning of the year Mrs. Goering has all of the parents sign permission slips for her planned learning activities and one of them is "computer time" and another one is "quiet naps" and I think the former rather than the latter would include seeing girls on girls.

DebbieH: Hehehe, unless the student's have interesting dreams!!!

Zack: I bet they might! Like dreams about caterpillars and cowboys and maybe a girl.

DebbieH: Or maybe 2 girls!! Do you have any friends with ICQ who might be interested in HOT! girls on girls???

Zack: Hmmm...I have several but they are not online right now. I could message them and tell them to message you about girls on girls or if you have something you want me to say to them I could do that.

DebbieH: Oh, that's ok!! If they aren't online I don't want to bother them! Maybe you could just show them the address to the site!!!

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