I don't like spammers. Let me reiterate that once more:


Additionally, I don't like spammers who run shitstain sites which look like this monstrosity:

I'm not going to provide a link to the website as I don't want roaches like her making any more money from their scams and ripoffs. Anyway, I'd say that this prank turned into one of the weirdest ones I've ever done, probably ranking up there with The Space Robots in terms of sheer stupidity and outrageousness. Oh well, I won't ruin it for you... read on.

StaceY - HEY! What'zup? : )

Lowtax - Stacey!!! How have you been, sugar? Long time no see!

StaceY - : - ) ~~~

Lowtax - Who the hell are you?

StaceY - Just wanted you to check out my site!!! We've got great deals on brandname products and exlusive giveaways if you sign up!!! The World's Biggest Cash Game Site!! Over 5000 Winners Everyday! Over $35,000 Won Daily & Growing!! (URL DELETED)

Lowtax - Wow!!! That makes me!!! Excited!!! StaceY!!!!!!!!!!

StaceY - : P Head on over right now and you can check out the special deal I put up Just For You!! (URL DELETED)

Lowtax - A special deal!!! For me!!! Wow!!! This is great! Let me click here to continue!!!

StaceY - : )

Lowtax - Wow!!! An offer for a free Mastercard with NO credit check! How does that work, Stacey?!? Please try to tell me in an excited tone!!!

StaceY - Click the link and see!!!

Lowtax - Okay!!!

Lowtax - It didn't work!!!! Stacey!!!

StaceY - :-o what Happened??

Lowtax - I don't know, I clicked the link and my lights went out. I don't think this eNetiConAppliance is working right.

StaceY - What kind of computer is that??

Lowtax - It's an eNetiConAppliance. Haven't you heard of those on the news? They did a big article on them for CNN and they interviewed my boss, Dennis Fong.

StaceY - What browser is it??

Lowtax - It has its own browser. It's just kind of unstable now since they're still prototypes. I tried to open your link with my eNetiConAppliance Toaster, but it locked up and my lights went out.

StaceY - What browser does it use tho??

Lowtax - Then I heard a scream and I ran into the bathroom and my cat was rolled up in the shower curtain and was flailing around all over the place so I threw him off my balcony into the woods because nobody goes into my bathroom, period. Not even my cat. Rules are rules and everybody that comes into my place better know the rules.

Lowtax - What were you saying about websites or vitamins or something?

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