It's no secret that I love robots. I'm not ashamed to admit that I both worship and fear the evil entities that will some day rule over our collective charred corpses. So when I registered a new account and was immediately ICQed within the first 20 seconds by somebody named "Sweet Princess", I knew my robot fascination would eventually work its way into the prank. "Sweet Princess," who is undoubtedly some balding 50-year old slob living in his parents' garage, seemed intrigued by my stellar work in the field of robotics... at least until I revealed I had no credit card or way to pay for his shitty spam site.

Sweet Princess - hello!

Lowtax - oh why hello kindling!

Sweet Princess - Do you like erotic? : - )

Lowtax - who's erotic

Sweet Princess - What? : - )

Lowtax - sorry, I'm not so flimsy at Amamrican English, I just moved here from overseas.

Sweet Princess - Well do you want to visit an absolutely free erotic site?

Lowtax - Im sorry, what is erotic? Im from England, so I dont speak so good. Please explaine...?

Sweet Princess - Do you want to see hot, uncensored XXX pics? : - )

Lowtax - Pics of what? of you? Sweep Princess pics?

Sweet Princess - Yes, some of me. : - )

Lowtax - Hotty! Some of you...? like the half of you? Which parts?

Sweet Princess - The important half!

Lowtax - The thorax???

Sweet Princess - Yah, and my breasts.

Lowtax - Hot camel! Sure, please send the link!


Lowtax - thank! are you modeling?

Sweet Princess - Yes. : - ) I do some modeling.

Lowtax - Model your thorax?

Sweet Princess - Some hardcore things for my site, (URL CENSORED SO THE SPAMMER WON'T GET ANY TRAFFIC FROM HERE). Did you check it out yet?

Lowtax - Im in the protest of checking it out, my computer must shut down CAD programme immediately

Lowtax - I use the programme

Lowtax - To programme


Sweet Princess - Neat! Have you seen the site yet?

Lowtax - I use CAD to program robots for battel. They compete against enemys. Have you seen robot battle competition?

Sweet Princess - Robot battle?

Lowtax - Yes, on the Amamrican tele. Where robots battle for a grande competitian. Have you seen the show? "Robot Warts"?

Sweet Princess - Robot Wars?

Lowtax - Yes, that ! I design robots much along like that! Except the competition is much more fierce. We donot silly down our show for Amamrican tele. We are skilled in the robotic arts.

Lowtax - I used to be an engineer at Kroger Polytech until I left

Sweet Princess - Why did you leave?

Lowtax - Because I decided to leave on my own free will because they said I must leave after the tragic accident I created

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