Perhaps you don't like the way you look. Perhaps you have wanted to be handsome or high-cheekboned or rugged or dainty. I am sorry that you are a fat, ugly goon with bad complexion, and that you cannot pay for cosmetic surgery with World of Warcraft gold. The next best thing is to live vicariously through Melted Clocks' thread MSPaint a new face for Pikachu. Forum members with tablets and MSpaint and no sense of dignity and a fetish for anime mashups submitted nearly 900 entries, including many that weren't new faces at all but were simply Pikachu's body with a bisected penis superimposed crudely on top. I would have retched in protest if I weren't so busy masturbating. It took me about five hours to wade through them but about 90 of the most harrowing surreal or absurd (that don't include graphically dismembered body parts anyway) are included below. I hope you enjoy them as much as the simpering manchildren who made them did.

Melted Clocks

Spawned from MSPaint Boredom, paint a more suitable face for Pikachu using this template:

Here is the one I made:


Depressing Drawers


More Comedy Goldmine

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