All Those Great Planets with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: some great planets out there tom
Moof: yeah there really are
Livestock: mars - always a favorite
Livestock: venus - color me intrigued
Moof: a classic
Livestock: can't say i'm a fan of mercury
Moof: mercury - hot and bothered? or just hot?
Livestock: guess we have different opinions on that one!!
Livestock: jupiter - the big bear of the solar system, loves catching asteroids, lots of participation
Moof: yeah really
Moof: before that no one knew asteroids really existed
Livestock: saturn - great planet and the rings are a stellar touch ;-)
Moof: hehe
Moof: saturn is overdoing it
Livestock: you really think so
Moof: i prefer the minimalist planet
Livestock: you honestly believe that???
Moof: give me neptune any day of the week
Livestock: neptune is a planet of secrets imo
Moof: josh are you fishing for daily dirt material
Livestock: tom i think your head is in uranus
Moof: :O
Livestock: uranus - a good planet that could benefit from a serious makeover, and new name. no planet has worse pr than uranus.
Moof: true

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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