This Weekend with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tom i'm going to buy every episode of friends and come over
Moof: hell yeah
Livestock: because tom you are my friend irl
Moof: so true
Moof: josh who is your favorite mine is ross
Livestock: tom mine is also ross
Moof: you know the fountain by my apartment
Moof: we can jump in it
Livestock: yes
Moof: like in the show
Livestock: i was thinking about that
Livestock: i'll bring my umbrella
Livestock: hey tom
Livestock: buddy
Livestock: i'll be there for you
Moof: thanks josh
Moof: i will try to be but i might be busy
Moof: you know with school and work and all
Livestock: you son of a bitch

My New Viral Meme with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tom i came up with a new meme
Moof: what is it
Moof: is it viral
Livestock: when you are with someone
Livestock: and watching tv or whatever
Moof: yes
Livestock: you point to a random actor, regardless of gender, race, age, etc.
Livestock: and you say "you see that? that's actor christain bale. he's very good"
Livestock: that's it tom
Livestock: you might also say "he's very convincing" if you like
Moof: that is a good meme josh
Moof: that is a great meme
Moof: wow
Moof: that is a fantastic meme
Livestock: tom are you being sarcastic
Moof: no not at all

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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