A Story by Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: tell me a story
Moof: okay one there was a duck
Moof: and he lived in a pond :)
Moof: and it was a really nice pond
Moof: and there were frogs in the pond who were his friends
Moof: but one day the pond dried out
Moof: and so the duck had nowhere to live :(
Moof: and he was sad
Moof: but he and the frogs searched all day for a new place to live
Moof: (he carried the frogs on his back)
Moof: and he found an ocean
Moof: and he went into the ocean
Moof: and the waves were big and scary
Moof: but soon he got used to them
Moof: and he kept the frogs on his back
Moof: where they all lived forever and ever and they were happy forever
Moof: the end
Livestock: what is the name of that story
Moof: a farewell to ponds
Livestock: it is a good story

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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