Show Off Inc., submitted by Emily. I must admit that I do love dressing up in other people's clothing and pretending I am them. After donning the underwear and miniskirt of a particularly stunning woman I had been stalking for the previous five months, I experienced a grand trip and painted the town red! While this website does not offer the particular garments I mentioned above, it does "show off" a series of very festive and very non-homosexual outfits that are appropriate for the most discerning of latex-wearing individuals. These costumes are fit for a king, a very non-homosexual king at that!

Since we cut to each individual measurement, we can create costumes in any size. All costumes are backed with our fit and workmanship guarantee. Gallery photos of satisfied Show-off customers exemplify the fine craftsmanship that can be expected! Wrestlers please e-mail, write, or phone us with your needs.

Although I am not a wrestler (I am a lawyer man), I believe one of these high quality outfits would suit my needs and be particularly effective during court cases that involve non-homosexual men. I would don that monkey-rat-spiderman-elf-panda bear mask with pride while I splash gasoline across the feet of the jury and shout, "I am the legal match which will set this court case ablaze with the fire of innocence!"

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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