The Top Five Names for a Dog (USA Today/Gallop Poll)

1. Panzer
2. Danger
3. Steve
4. Honest Herbert
5. Sweepstakes

The Top Five Names for a Dog (Moof/Zogby)

1. Cornflake
2. Lancelot
3. Movie
4. Firebreather
5. The Director

Law & Order Chitchat with Gucci Helicopter

Livestock: i would like to see a law & order show with deion sanders
gucci helicopter: he could play for the prosecution AND the defense
Livestock: HELL YEAH

Burning the Midnight Dogs with Tom "Moof" Davies

Livestock: moof what if we lived in a world where dogs were used as fuel
Moof: people would be like
Moof: "dog prices are unbelievable today i payed $6.70/dog at the dogstation!"
Livestock: we would go to war with iraq because of dogs
Livestock: and people would say no blood for dogs
Moof: hehe
Livestock: and sometimes you would see cars stuck on the side of the road
Livestock: and people walking towards them with dogs in their hands
Livestock: because they ran out of dogs
Moof: jumbo jets would have huge dogs
Moof: because they need a lot of dog
Moof: sitting on their wings
Livestock: and the captain would say "we don't have enough dogs to land, did anyone bring a dog with them?"
Moof: and it would be heart wrenching
Moof: as a child is forced to sacrifice his puppy
Moof: to save the passengers
Livestock: well when you think about it
Livestock: kids don't have pet gasoline
Livestock: so why would they have pet dogs
Livestock: i guess the jumbo jet would crash and the child would die, so that horrible sacrifice would never be made :)
Moof: :)
Moof: when i was a child livestock
Moof: i had pet gasoline
Livestock: what did you name your pet gasoline
Moof: frogbert

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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