It's skeleton season! To celebrate, I exhumed a cool old FYAD thread and assigned William "ryorininseven" Cook to illustrate some of its scenarios. Forums poster Brian "Heathcliff" Laab, or bhlaab, came up with the concept. He can be found on Twitter. You could read more of his stuff at if it weren't currently down.

u can lie and all that but what would u REALLY do like what if it was super night out and u go downstairs and there it is a skeleton. its not doing anything outside the realms of a skeletons ability but it is walkin around checkin out stuff but u dont know whats up.


i would try and help it


it all depends on whether or not it's a talking skeleton really


they cant talk. its just wandering around and rattling so id probably assume its lost


well then i'd probably freak the motherfuck out then calm down

My Lurk Account

i'd probably flex in front of it and talk about how great it is to have tendons and shit


go to shake his hand and squeeze it really hard so i come off as a BadAss


i would say
"who....were you.... skeleton?"

and he would look down to the floor

wheres my arm

skeletons dont have eyes I'd probly play a cool prank

Autism Monday

theres a skeletoin inside all of us. think before you make fun

Cool Buff Man

i would fuck it

Autism Monday

i got a huge boner for skelatons - a bumper sticker on butt

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