Movie Monday!!!

We've got a SLEW of brand new movies for you today! Well, okay, we only have two so technically that really isn't a "slew." It's more of a mini-slew or slew junior. But hell, they're absolutely free, so I don't expect to hear any complaining about my liberal usage of the term "slew." Without further ado, let me present the two following cinematic masterpieces, courtesy of your friends at AwfulVideo, for Movie Monday:

The Big Day

It's THE BIG DAY. That's right, it's a day unlike any other previously in history. One of the most eagerly anticipated and exciting days to ever come. THE BIG DAY. Better than anything that has ever taken place, and anything that will ever take place. How? Simple: because it's THE BIG DAY.

STEAL of the CENTURY, Part 3

In today's episode of "STEAL of the CENTURY," Joe P. and Nick Q. bust out some more fantastic savings for you, the public. What incredible product are they offering for a low, low price which is so rock-bottom that they're practically giving it away? Dot-Com Racers! Yup, some company actually produced a series of die-cast racing cars called "Dot-Com Racers," which is just about the most idiotic idea ever. Regardless, Joe P. and Nick Q. have a ton of inventory they have to move, and it all most go in today's episode of "STEAL of the CENTURY"!

Download Hi-Bandwidth Version [20.6 megs] - Requires Divx decoder to run properly

Download Low-Bandwidth Version [4.8 megs] - In Windows Media Format

If you have any difficulties viewing the movies, drop me a line.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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