Are you looking to diversify your investment portfolio, but you aren't sure which Krypto Kurrency deserves your attention? Do you have a dungeon full of mining computers to harvest the blockchain? Are you ready to TEST YOUR MINER'S MIGHT?


A Single Shao Kahn Krypto Koin is worth 10 times as much as a Tsung Skull harvested by miners from the Netherrealm!

All you mortals have to do to get started is download any of the Shao Kahn Krypto Koin mining apps and connect to the network to start processing transactions. Every block of transactions will reward you with Koins that can be stored in your wallet.

You don't have to be wealthy or powerful or an emperor of Outworld! Anyone can mine Koins! Even Liu Kang or Raiden!

The FOOL Shang Tsung tries to usurp me with his skulls! It will FAIL! The denizens of the Netherrealm and also large parts of China will never defeat my Koin miners from Outworld!

FIGHT! Fiat currencies backed by central banks with this decentralized currency backed by the might of ALL WHO MUST BOW BEFORE SHAO KAHN! And unlike Bitcoin, my Koins do not rely on a Magic: The Gathering website to handle exchanges.

My exchanges are the EVIL FACE TREES OF OUTWORLD!

Do no DARE to cross my trees! If you try to DOUBLE SPEND, your transaction, and your flesh, shall be DEVOURED!

Of course, I am selling mining rigs for your convenience! You pay me 4,000 American dollars and then we split the Koins mined 50/50. Before you know it your chest will be overflowing with Koins. You can only use them to buy costumes and concept art at the moment, but before long you will be able to buy unstoppable weapons and slaves! 

Get rich with my Koins?


– Shao Kahn (@sexyfacts4u)

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