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Mozilla does not discuss product problems behind closed doors and employees as well key contributors rarely sugarcoat their opinions. A blog post published by Community Lead Tyler Downer rocks Mozilla as he claims that Mozilla Triage QA process is broken and he believes that the current rapid release process drowns Firefox in a sea of bugs with no land in sight.

Downer recently left Mozilla as Community Lead (“for the time being”), which gives him considerable influence in the pre-sorting process of bugs (triage) that are reported by the Mozilla community. In a post that explains the reasons for his departure, he voices frustration with Mozilla that there is not attention that is paid to triaging bugs. According to Downer, there are currently 5934 (unconfirmed) bugs in the shipping version of Firefox. He noted that of those almost 6000 bugs, 2598 have not been touched over the past 150 days (since the launch of Firefox 4).

“In Spring 2010, we hit roughly 13,000 [unconfirmed] bugs in Firefox. 13,000!!! We currently have 5934,” Downer writes.

Mozilla Firefox Bug Report 749448 - Status: UNRESOLVED

Mozilla Firefox Bug Report 751950 - Status: UNRESOLVED

Mozilla Firefox Bug Report 752201 - Status: RESOLVED

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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