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Behold is your future...

magnificant physics
true warrior spirit
bicebs to here
unbelievable willpower of a tiger and warrior's spirit

Is TRUE. Education is one thing they cannot take from you. Other thing is skeleton but they can take in parts. Times of economies are tough but you need job training, skills, and certificates. GET YOUR DEGREASE. Welcome to the future. Your future. Of Internet education.

For only 19.95 per month you can get on computer and get degrease from HYURGI'S SCHOOL OF ULTIMATE UNIVERSITY AND WARRIOR SPIRIT. Accrediting in Moscow Oblast, greater Russia, Belorus, part of Ukraine and no sorry no Tajiks allowed INTERNET BLOCKED from Tajikistan. No child is to be left behind on this affair. That means you.

Lovely facility located in prime real estate of Elektrogorsk. 600 room building with many corridors and teachers. We have nine computers on staff. Hook it up www to go to the cyber surf dude. HYURGI GARANTEED.

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