Ah... Moemory
By Ateam Inc.

What the developer says it does: "Ah...Moemory is a pairs/matches game inspired by japanese moe and anime culture. No matter if you are otaku or not, the game with its adorable graphics will pull you in. No matter what age you are, the cute graphics will captivate you. The rounds themselves are over fairly fast making the game the perfect pick for the train or subway. Be careful though, you might loose track of the time while playing round after round! One thing is for sure: You will certainly feel better after playing this game."

What it really does: It might occupy your office otaku for a lunch break or two while he searches for a nip slip easter egg. If it occupies you in such a way, great job, you are probably the office otaku.

Bottom line: Without a conversation tree bonus level where you try to sweet talk some hot anime babes, I simply cannot recommend this game to anyone but the most die-hard hentai memory match aficionados.

By PachiMon.com

What the developer says it does: "This application helps you to develop your "Psychic" ability, especially for "Psycho Kinesis" - ability to "move" things around.
1) Launch the "PsychicMoov" application with your most preferred finger
2) Put your device on stable, flat surface (natural material is preferred such as wooden or marble table)
3) Tap a coin (either one, suitable for your inspiration) image to start calibration of high sensitive built-in accelerometer sensor
4) Once the calibration has been done, start exercise session
5) Move a coin image without touching the device!!
6) Detected psychic energy levels are displayed as blue bar at bottom of the screen"

What it really does: I have no idea but I am able to move my L.E.G. meters very high without moving my legs at all.

Bottom line: This program checks your legs

Shake.Rock (for your great party)
By iTunesFriend.com

What the developer says it does: "When you are at party, a cool logo is needed. This program makes you show more than 47 logos in your iPhone wihich is divided into four kind of style. You will be shinning in your fiends. Choosing it qucikly!"

What it really does: Every time you violently shake your phone, a new logo (usually) relating to the word "rock" is displayed. This is intended to facilitate harder rocking by those who see the logos.

Bottom line: Hell yeah, shake the shit out of that thing, Jason! Yeah! College, whoo! What's that, some kind of olympic dude running? Aw, yeah! And a radio station I don't know, all right, that's badass! Whoa, wait, go back, was that the logo for an indoor rock climbing place? Someone hold my legs, I wanna do a kegstand! Also, someone turn on the music! Can you guys believe this thing only ends up costing over a grand when you consider the required service fees? Sh-yeah!

– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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