Love-Scent is a forum where pathetic guys believe that certain scents and smells will make them more attractive to the opposite sex. I think something else is going on. The smells are just covering up the stench of crusty old cheese and body odor. I doubt it's really the pheromones that are making you look more attractive to the venereal disease ridden skank at the bar.

If this is the most pressing issue in your life then I want your life.

It's not only a creepy reply, it's a creepy and useless reply. This man needs answers about scents and he needs them now!

The best impression you could leave at this point is to not kiss her.

Maybe thinking of life as a MMORPG is what's making you strike out with the ladies in the first place.

Maybe the scents are used to cover up the fact they watch Stargate.

You should have listened to the bottle of pheromones when it said in big red letters, "MAY CAUSE RAPE".

Sorry to burst your bubble but you are like every guy ever.

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