World's First "Cheeskin" Bred in Lab

Gourmand - August 27th, 2014
By Esteban Clitter Tired of bones in your chicken? South Korean food engineering company Tasetech has the answer. They have have bred the first "Cheekin", a chicken with cheese flavored and textured bones.
Is Your Butter Giving You Enough Human Growth Hormone? BBC News
Pizza Flavored Water Big Hit in Japan Tokyo Today
New York Times - Portly Scientist - Delicious Food News - Foxwire
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Big Beautiful Baby

CDC Links Heart Disease to SIDS

American Medical Journal - August 27th, 2014
By HUGO BABBY Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, commonly known as "crib death", claimed almost 65,000 infants in 2013, up 7000% from just a decade earlier. The rise may be explained by a new CDC study that links a variety of cardiac and pulmonary illnesses to SIDS.
Landfills Choked With 40-inch Diapers The Daily Girth
Lipitor Chewables Clear FDA AP
Christian Savory Monitor - The Immense Doctor - Defib Daily - Foxwire
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Constitution Mania

Prison Overcrowding Worsens Despite Low Crime

Washington Post - August 27th, 2014
By Cramden Sel Dwindling numbers in American prisons are a testament to the 200-year low in violent crimes, but a new study indicates overcrowding has become an even larger problem.
NY Policeman Stuck in Doorway for Eight Hours NY Daily News
Crips, Bloods Struggle With Adult-Onset Diabetes UPI
Thick Jails - The Latin Kings Courier - Stout Times - Foxwire
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ATV America

Euros Embrace 4-Wheelers for City Travel

Roma Turismo - August 26th, 2014
By Jennifer Pantswell Scooters are out and 4-wheelers are in following several scooter-collapse accidents throughout Europe. New laws that go into effect Friday approve the size-friendly ATVs for city traffic in major urban areas.
Boston Marathon Run Entirely By Kenyans Boston Herlad
NFL Shortens Football FIeld to 20 Yards
Heavy Duty - Major Motoring - Fat Hogs - Foxwire
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SBW Today

Minus-Size Model Argues for "Thin Rights" - August 26th, 2014
By SYPPEN CZYRP Minus-size fashion model Clarice Boutoo is making a big deal out of small rights, speaking out for equality in the fashion industry. "The industry wants big, and I've eaten myself up to 220 for a shoot before," Boutoo said. "The pressure is definitely there and if you can't tip the scales, you can't even be a hand model."
SEC Okays King Size Buyout of Nike The Economist
T-Shirts Big at Beaches This Summer USA Today
Little Ladies - Small Beautiful Woman Today - Gristle & Fatness - Foxwire
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Planes Rule

Airbus Megaliner Will Seat 8

Comfortable Aviation Monthly - August 26th, 2014
By Yngwie Thickstein The Airbus 960 debuted at a German air show this weekend. Onlookers were thrilled by the immense six-engine aircraft, which can seat 8 in first class or 19 if configured for stacked coach seating.
Toyota Loses to Ford Following Seatbelt-Length Snafu Car & Driver
New Jersey Highway Patrol Cracks Down on "Fattitude" Highway Times
Two-Seater - The Porcine Traveler - Fooddors - Foxwire
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3 Die, 9 Hospitalized in Anti-War Protest Tragedy

Los Angeles Times - August 26th, 2014
By Doug Pilsbury A peaceful protest turned tragic Thursday when an entire protest in downtown Los Angeles suffered from heat exhaustion. The 32 anti-war protesters had gathered for an hour when the 105 degree heat began to claim its first victims.
Sony Showcases Wireless Defibrillator
Hollywood Walk of Fame to Receive Steel Reinforcement LA Times
The Nation Plus - Stuckin The Tub - Seizing-Heart Liberal - Foxwire
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Brown Gold

US Caves to Colombian Demands

AP - August 25th, 2014
By SUZE GONZALEZ Following a 6-week standoff over cocoa exports, the United States has caved to the demands of the Colombians in order to avoid further mass-suicides. The US will be surrendering one-quarter of its nuclear arsenal to the Colombians, although early indications are the stockpile will be left on the steps and the Colombians will have to come get it themselves.
Revised Food Pyramid Emphasizes Cake, Gummi Groups Your "Health"
Amid Embargo Fears Choco Coins Briefly Beat Gold The Economist
Sweets & Business - Forbes - Chocolate Report - Foxwire
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