Hey folks, are you ready to show the world that you ENJOY SPORTS? Are you prepared to let everybody know that you're A TEAM PLAYER who supports their LOCAL SPORTING TEAM? Would you like everybody everywhere to know that you're a BIG FAN of the LOCAL POPULAR PLAYER? If so, I've got the item for you: the brand spankin' new "City Name, Sports Team" jerseys!



This are authentic baseball jerseys, made by Custom Jersey Inc. and are made from Dyna-Dry, which is a 100% microweave polyester waffle. Since they are real baseball jerseys, they are built to last forever and withstand rigorous physical exertion on a daily basis. The design is a set-in sleeve two-button layout, and all the artwork / design is dyed directly into the fabric, guaranteed to never crack, fade, or peel.

Click here to order a Medium ($55 + $5 shipping / handling)

Click here to order a Large ($55 + $5 shipping / handling)

Click here to order a X-Large($55 + $5 shipping / handling)

Click here to order a XX-Large ($56 + $6 shipping / handling)

Click here to order a XXX-Large ($57 + $7 shipping / handling)

Here is how you find out your size:

Chest (inches) Size
38-40 Medium
42-44 Large
46-48 Extra Large
50-52 XX Large
54-56 XXX Large

Buy now and let the world know that you're just like them and enjoy the same things they do! Hurry up though, as supplies are EXTREMELY limited (I only ordered 250 of them because they were so expensive to print up).

The Title of This Document is "Un"

Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons here with a porn-filled Chapter Four of the twice monthly serial comedy novel "Untitled Document". I wonder what's going on in this nail-biting episode!?

Keith Bin Laden would be most easily described as equal parts Magnum-era Tom Selleck, early 1980s Italian street pimp, and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. He didn't so much ooze bad style as he squirted it out of his pores and into the eyes of anyone that crossed his path. He idolized Fonzie from "Happy Days" and no matter what the temperature was in Riyadh he could be seen wearing a worn leather jacket with thick curtains of unusually oily sweat sweeping across his face and exposed chest hair. Keith was the sort of guy who would actually prompt women to dramatically throw their drinks in his face. That is to say they would if he wasn't a multi-millionaire with a cadre of gorilla-like bodyguards willing to snap necks on a whim.

Oh my! Quite the eyebrow raiser! I think you'd better read it!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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