AirGlasses, submitted by Corporal Whitcomb. Do you hate wearing glasses? Do you want to look like some kind of crazy nose-Frankenstein? Then perhaps AirGlasses are for you!

No eyewear frame, no temples, no hinges or earpads make the eyewear dramatically lighter, durable and compact. The view and feel is quite amazing, when you wear AirGlasses, it feels as if the lenses are floating in front of your eyes, a huge advancement over old fashioned eyewear. The secret is our patent pending Bio-compatible Transdermal Magnetic Mount. A thin flexible high-tech insert that is worn just like an earring in a pierced ear. Unlike an earring, the transdermal mount, TM™ is designed to be barely visible and is especially body friendly.

I don't have vision problems, but I imagine if I did and glasses bothered me, I'd rather learn how to touch my eyeballs on a daily basis than get freakish metal buttons installed on my nose. Maybe I'm just not ready for the future of impracticality.

– Bob "BobServo" Mackey

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