Just click on the "Lol Builder" button up near the top of the web page. That will take you straight over to the Lol Builder, where you can pick from one of a whole bunch of super cute cats, dogs, and just about any other sort of animal you can imagine.

Then you fill in the text and voila! You've made yourself a Lolcat!

Aren't they just cute as buttons?

If you don't want to use the maker on ICANHAVCHEEZBURGAR.COM then you can make a Lolcat all by your lonesome. Just fire up your favorite image editor (I prefer trusty old Paint Shop Pro 2.1) and pick out your favorite picture of a rascally cat from your collection.

Don't have a collection? Get one started by typing in http://images.google.com and then searching for "cat." You'll be up to your nose in cute cats in no time at all.

Here's a Lolcat I made all by my lonesome. Darryl thought it was pretty funny and I know you'll think it's a hoot:

Awwww. The little guy just wants to make you a sweater! Hee hee!

So the next time you've got a frown you want turned upside down, why not go find yourself a little Lolcat. You can have a good laugh or you can make you yourself and share it with everyone else.

I like to make a couple Lolcats and send them to everyone in my e-mail address book. Just brighten up their day a little bit. They are not just funny, they're cool! Show these to your kids and you'll be speaking their language. They'll think you're the coolest!

Next week, I might have a big surprise. A Luannatic has e-mailed me something called "1guy1jar" and I am really looking forward to checking that one out. If it's a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of funny, you can be sure Luann will bring it to you.

To all of you Luannatics out there, keep driving the Internet Super Highway at the Winesburg, Indiana Courier Post website. For anyone who wants me to autograph a copy of my book, Web Surfing 2000, I will be at the Piedmont Cruise-In for the HoliDaze festival in Piedmont this weekend. Just stop on by and Darryl will show you his Charger and I would be happy to sign whatever or just talk.

– LuannD @ The Courier Post's Cyber Desk (@sexyfacts4u)

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