SomethingAwful is, of course, a comedy website. Usually even when we talk about political issues that we care about, we do so in a joking way. But today I want to drop that pretense and get serious with you all for a moment.

I'm sure many of you have seen's tribute to Barack Obama ( The internet has changed the way democracy is run, and allowed just a few humble really famous people to get together and be famous in front of a camera and then put it out there for everyone to see. Without the new power of YouTube, we would never be sure what celebrities thought of presidential candidates.

Jokes aside, it is a really great video, and it made me realize that anyone, even me, could make my own tribute to Obama, and hopefully have even a small effect on this election's outcome. So I got some of my friends together and worked hard to create a concept that would express the power of his message in an accessible way. We spent a few days scripting, filming, and editing, and created a piece we call "Barack Obama: A Tribute to Hope"

We did not receive any funding from Obama's campaign, nor any assistance in either the creation or distribution of our video. This is just the work of a few young voters, impassioned by a passionate candidate, and empowered by the vision of a better future. We are not asking for donations nor fame. We only want to make America better, one YouTube link at a time.

Please, if you find yourself inspired by our work, pass it on to your friends and family so that the message of hope can grow. If you have any questions or if you'd like to use our video for your own Obama rallies or tabling, you can contact me at

Thank you.

Barack Obama: A Tribute to Hope

– Joseph "Maxnmona" Fink

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