Much like the rancid stench that results after your grandfather uses the restroom, Weekend Web rears it's ugly head once again. This week we're featuring four forums whose users just don't know when to quit. We've got Japanu (Japanese for Japan) anime nuts, wacky white nationalists, braindead teenagers, and hardcore internet gangster rappers. We're going to have a kawaii ^_^ time!

Go Gaia

Who Posts There: Any normal person knows that people who roleplay are usually massively fucked up individuals whose real lives are less than fulfilling. They make up for this void by pretending to be vampires, various cross breeds of dogs / humans, and in this case, anime chracters.

What is Posted There: The emotionally healthy and in no way mentally unstable members of the Go Gaia forums participate in a run and gun posting marathon for valuable fake internet money. You see, every time anyone posts anything on Go Gaia they recieve some gold, stock, cattle, or various shit like that. This insatiable greed for gold pieces results in a lot of "kawaii ^_^" threads about whatever the current Japanese fad of the month is.

"Alexandra Asinine's" signiture file is equipped with a feature that displays users with a round-the-clock image from where ever she may be at a particular moment. Currently she is engaging in a favorite activity of hers she likes to call, "Making men's penises not erect." is truly the king of kings. I mean, where would I be if I didn't know that my favorite goth live journal e-friend Suicide Sandy is listening to Korn or Limp Bizkit whatever the fuck those assholes listen to.

I know two bums that suck cock on an off-ramp of Interstate 5. Hell, I've been a donor for both.

"Katsu-Kia" is going to be sorry twenty years from now when her co-workers find this and make her the laughingstock of the office Christmas party. She'll rue the day she ever dared to post on an internet message board while I'm on duty!

I'm hoping "Ginzo" will write me an angry email because I made fun of his shitty comic. Hey you took 16-bit sprite characters from horrible video games and made a comic out of them. That's really clever! You copied and pasted these characters out of their element and had them say irreverent and totally outrageous lines which made for a humorous panel of drawings which in context causes laughter. I've never seen this done before. You clever clever man!

I'm sorry to interrupt this little lovefest here but you're all insane and should be shot in the face! I really try not to overreact to these images but God be damned this is rediculous!

I didn't want to bring this up but it needs to be said. Every fucking time this role playing shit comes up you know there's a furry in the midst of it somewhere. They always show up to piss you off when you least expect.

Another gold piece well earned.

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