Recently I was doing what the SomethingAwful boss, Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka, orders all his employees to do: I was artificially driving up click-through rate on our ads by clicking them over and over again using three computers, five automated programs, and six hands. I had been at it for several hours, and was about to call it a night, when one particular ad caught my eye.

The ad was for a website called The Conservative Bookclub. It's a bookclub, but for conservative people. They have an entire section of their website just for Ann Coulter books. They also have an entire section devoted to a series of books called "The Politically Incorrect Guides", and when I began to look through those, I realized I had stumbled on something big.

Each guide covers an important world topic, and provides a reasoned, logical opinion on that topic. For instance:

Excited by books finally willing to spill the beans on the things that really matter, I went ahead and came up with some of my own concepts for future titles in the series. Tell me what you think:

(Whoops, that one's real. No really.)

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