As you know, we're continually changing Something Awful to be on the cutting edge of exactly what the internet wants. "Relevance and clicks", that's our motto. Please tell us what to do next by taking a few minutes to fill out this brief reader survey.

1. How do you feel about radio buttons?





2. Would you visit Something Awful more often if its articles featured more radio buttons?


3. For reference, this is a radio button:

Got it

Yeah I know

Strongly disagree

3-5 times a week

4. How do you feel about non-interactive radio buttons?


Wait, you can click these, I thought the gag was that we wouldn't be able to click

No opinion

Strongly have no opinion

5. If our radio buttons were entirely too small how would it impact the likelihood of you telling a friend about Something Awful?

How small are we talking here

I will never stop discussing my internet browsing habits to anyone who will listen

No impact, no friends

Enormous impact on every aspect of my life

6. On a scale of 1-4, which radio button do you want to click the least?





7. It would help us tremendously if our advertisers knew more about the ages of our readers. Which demographic do you fit into?

Radio button

Radio button

Radio button

Radio button

8. How would you feel about a subscription service in which Something Awful readers could pay $10 per month to access premium versions of the site's articles, in which every paragraph would be preceded by a radio button?

Price seems too low

Extremely likely

Very agree

I'd rather just give money directly to you, Dennis Farrell, in exchange for a monthly email containing a single radio button

9. Was there ever a time before the radio button?

Highly doubtful

Perhaps but it was likely a swirling void absent of meaning

Hey this radio button's a little bigger

I want to kill the pre-radio button time with my bare hands

10. Wouldn't it be funny if the last survey question had nothing to do with radio buttons at all?

Maybe, but it's too late to try to be funny now

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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