There has existed for at least 6 years (nearly infinity in Internet time) a small, but close-knit community of die-hard Scott Bakula fans who tirelessly create wallpaper-sized collages of Scott, themed for any possible occasion. They have been made non-ironically and with great amounts of love and care. Please enjoy the following scintillating sampling of Scott Bakula backgrounds, and click any of them to see the full version.

Happy New Year, Mildly Pleased Scott! And you too, Slightly Less Pleased Scott!

"Gotta hand it to you, making a jacket out of a recliner was a great idea!"

Imagine Scott Bakula wiggling his jeans and flaunting his rump while saying, "Hello, ladies! Hot enough for ya?"
Wait, you don't need to, here you go:

I think if bats were flying around my whole shit I would want my shirt on for that, and maybe a coat. (Very small bat teeth probably can't get through a coat.)

This file was named Passion.jpg by its creator and if you don't understand why maybe you should read a book on history or Scott Bakula.

Nothing says "Wholesome Birthday" like a photo of a dude in 70's gear hiking up his pants.

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