Wow! Congrats to the Eisenhower-looking-ass-dad that made this pic possible!

Ho ho ho! This middle manager knows how to turn a rumpus room out!

I hope you don’t get shocked, disgusting man!

All bets are off, and all shorts are too! Congrats to the dad in this pic.

Excellent work, man named Leon or Manny.


what is this

Congrats to the man in this, I think

Yeah!!!!! Nothing matters

Please don’t hurt me

Are You The Doctor From Star Trek Voyager

I hate this more than you do

Disgusting. Wow


Happy Christmas From The Worst Family On The Block

What’s Wrong With Your Body

Santa lives in hell and this is how we found out

Look out for the needles, sappy pappy!!!!


Hmm looks like it’s 1:48 aka THE DEVIL’S TIME

Bad Christmas


I Don’t Like This Pic. Go Away Old Dad



Happy Holidays To You Too, Loser Warrior

Why are you taller than the tree

Stop now

“Time To Relax” Says Bad Man

I can taste this pic and I hate it

NO!!!!!! NOOOOOooo!!!!!!!


– Jon "@fart" Hendren (@fart)

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