This week is a bit different than most weeks, but not that much. The Something Awful Forum Goons got their respective freaks on exploring the many possibilities of good video game characters turning to the dark side. While most of the time we strive for the highest standards in quality and humor, this week it's all about goofy video game comedy, no matter how crappy it looks. The reality of things is that everybody had a fun time making these, and the results were pretty damn funny. In other words, don't e-mail to tell me these are unrealistic because that's not the aim. Enjoy the funny pictures you numbskulls! Bonus points to State OG regular "Corin Tucker's Stalker" for creating so many damn images this week. He made a lot.

Special Announcement: Our friends at were generous enough to sponsor this week's Photoshop Phriday, so be sure to give them a visit. not only features weekly Photoshop contests, but they now also run text, photography, animation, illustration, and 3d contests. Be sure to give them in a visit if you're looking for something creative to do with your spare time or just want something neat to look at when you're supposed to be working.

Never Forget and Always Remember

"ProjektorBoy" started things off this week with some lovely terrorism jokes.

"ToiletDuk" went to an awful lot of trouble for this.

"ToiletDuk" provides another alternate take on horrible tragedy.

"sabishii" explores old avenues of obvious tastelessness!

"Cerebral Mayhem" unleashes hell upon unsuspecting masses!

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