Continuing last week's exciting excitement of exciting proportions, we have Part 2 of our attack on the board game industry. As always, these images come courtesy of our very funny and very industrious Something Awful Forum Goons. Enjoy these images, for they represent the dark and dystopian future of board gaming, where families gather like smoke stacks around board games to pump mysterious toxins into the living room while miniature flying cars whiz by.

YojimboMonkey made this image using the powers of his Heart Ring.

Residentearth made this and since I don't feel like figuring it out, I will simply say this: butt. Tee hee hee.

Thirdrail is like a phone book. He knows all the numbers for the city sanitation services.

simcole plays this game for medical reasons.

Krispy Kareem hasn't been the same since that cow kicked him.

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