While I never had the privilege of owning a lunchbox (I was born and raised in a communal farm in Soviet Russia), a lot of other human beings and merciless human imposters did. They all relate a strangely horrifying shared experience of lugging around a heavy metallic box filled with the grim reminder that eating is not always a pleasure. But hey, the boxes had pretty cool pictures so in the end it all balanced out. Recently, the Something Awful Forum Goons decided to come to terms with their traumatic lunchbox memories by fighting back against the false facades of prettiness, creating truly undesirable lunchboxes as part of the healing process. Like all pursuits on the Internet, it was a truly worthwhile usage of time and resources. Please enjoy, because somebody has to.

Smelly 98blacksnake got things started this week.

I dug up this time capsule from 1994. Oh wait, it's actually jrichmond68's sense of humor and not a time capsule.

Snodar's lunchbox is full of surprises. :)

It ain't easy being plastickiwi's lunch. On the plus, side life is short.

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