Being patient sorts who pride themselves on their sense on perspective, the SA Forum Goons didn't rush to get this theme ready in time for the opening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two. But I happened to see some of those super-fans waiting in line for the midnight premiere (naturally, I was attending another movie that had already been out for a month.) What nerds, I thought, looking at them in their wizard hats. Those characters didn't even wear wizard hats. Oh no, nerd trap sprung! Anyway, Shaman Ooglaboogla decided to mark this momentous-to-some and kinda-cool-but not, like lifechanging-to-others occasion by changing patronuses. For those who don't know, patronuses are spirit animals that wizards can conjure as part of a protective spell. Furthermore, while the plural of the normal-word patronus is "patroni," the Potter-books plural is "patronuses." Why do I know these things? Oh, and do not use "patronies" under any circumstances. Don't even click that word.


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