The SA Forum Goons have really been into cartoons lately, and I'm not talking about the usual anime fans and goddamn My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic obsessives! Earlier this week the Goons turned Disney characters into unflattering reflections of themselves, and now they've placed them in (arguably) even worse scenarios!

Back when Psycho came out, WilfordBrimley was just a young buck, rodeo-riding and blacksmithing his days away.

When it comes to raising the bar, no one does it quite like Loftis. Just look how high that bar is. My word.

I don't know, diebold. Sure, Goofy might embarrass his offspring with his antics, but does he really deserve to die?

In one sense, photoshop is here every week. In another, more accurate sense, he's only been here the past couple!

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