Most of us know the haunting sensation of looking at advertisements or catalogs and reading the text descriptions that go alongside the pictures. It's a familiar feeling, and if you don't know what it's like than you're probably either illiterate or the next Josef Stalin. Occasionally, though, the all too human writers of said advertisements and catalogs make mistakes, and terror results. We decided to gather up some ads, and then insert secret messages as though the ad designers were drunk or on the verge of a massive breakdown. Fans of common knowledge will instantly say, "Hey, doesn't Conan O'Brien do this all the time on his show?" The answer is of course a resounding no. You're very confused, because this has never been done before. Okay, so it has, but it's not like you have to pay for this, you lousy jerks. I could insult you all night but unfortunately I'd just get fired, so instead let's look at what our sweet, sweet forum goons came up with!

Krispy Kareem sure knows how to sell them Apple Macintosh computators.

brahm2 has me intrigued. I wish to read more of his sales pitches.

EvilInside is topical, like a soothing ointment.

melt made this picture and you will glance right over this comment not even noticing I didn't finis

Famed SA frontpage writer Zack made this picture in-between his heavy drinking and drug abuse. It really shows.

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