Toys. To some they are a blessing. Toys represent an awesome tool to educate and entertain, a veritable gun that shoots the bullets of imagination into boredom's filthy whore of a heart. However, toys can also be bad. They can be dangerous, not just the body, but also to the brain. They can warp minds and turn children into snake-worshiping terrorists bent on world domination or 8-foot-tall beauty queens living hedonistic lives in Malibu dream homes. Or they can just plain suck. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons cooked up a batch of toys guaranteed to not get the job done right. Let's begin!

enigmahfc is a Grand Wizard of Chuckles!

GTA butchered a picture of Irwin R. Schyster to make this image. Expect to get audited, pal.

LeechCode5 exists to remind Todd McFarlane that there are still stupid things he hasn't purchased the action figure rights to.

Livestock you are a pile of moldy bologna!

Unkempt showed up thinking this was a weekly kissing contest and got no play.

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