In the world of Hollywood, which is not actually a word, actors and directors tend to find themselves typecast into working certain styles or genres. For example, certain actors will always play the same damn roll regardless of movie. To get more specific, Paul Anderson makes and always will make stupid movies that give you a headache. This week the Something Awful Forum Goons create the "definitive movies" of famous actors or directors. Enjoy!

Harp Heaven got this woodland jamboree started with a mean xylophone ditty.

ampinstein is three licks away from busting through to the other side of the tootsie roll pop of your mind!

bos can't keep a good man down, even with his weights and netting.

IRQ is a corrections officer at Riker's Island and won't give you any toilet paper if you have to go to the bathroom

Altf4 dares to dream of midgets and mayhem!

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