In 1938, sons of Jewish immigrants Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster invented cereal, forever changing the world in the process. Several years later when cereal boxes were invented to containerize the wayward cereal particles, the world changed yet again. Since then humankind has enjoyed cereals of all shapes and sizes, flavors and textures. And as humans enjoy eating cereal, they also enjoy studying the colorful cereal boxes, imbued with a tapestry of cuneiforms and illustrations depicting a world beyond the breakfast table – a world of pure, unquestionable pain and suffering. This week I challenged the Something Awful Forum Goons to make their own breakfast cereals by creating unique new cereal boxes or parodying existing ones. These are those cereals!

trumpy303 goes for the high ho obvious joke!

greasy digits helps fulfill our obvious joke quota and takes care of our responsibility to cover current events.

neoaxd channels his overflowing American pride into every box!

trumpy303 never made this image and I never saw it.

Y2Kdogg is a lot like petting a dog only not as fluffy.

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