Page Nine: End of the Road!

It was inevtable that somebody would make a tourist trap joke. "darthphunk" is fate's chosen one:

"Eander" is so confused he thinks Ackbar was a president when in fact he was only an admiral. Way to go, hotshot!

Oh wait, maybe he was a president. "grayrobot" stinks up the Oval Office with that damn fish smell:

Resident Photoshop God "NoneMoreNegative" offers a fitting tribute to what I hope is not his favorite band:

"Glitch" celebrates the beloved red x because he apparently couldn't find a picture of Lilcoln:

"MrNutz" presents the only water park that can be seen from space:

What a wonderful journey that was! It's over now, so you can put your pants back on or do whatever it is you do when these things are over. As usual, thanks to the Something Awful Forum Goons for their hardwork! Thanks to you as well for doing pretty much nothing! Stop on by next week when we Photoshop your untimely demise in a vat of carbolic pudding. It will be grand.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff

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