During his seven years as a forums member, ljw1004 hasn't really been the sort to draw attention to himself with boisterous posting or look-at-me dramatics. So when he created a thread titled "I'm a VERY angry mouse," few SA Goons had reason to contradict his claim! Sure, a key piece of evidence he presented seems contradictory, but he scampered away after the OP. I guess we'll never hear the real story from his possibly mouse-like mouth.


I am an angry mouse

I am a VERY angry mouse

Speak to the paw 'cause the face ain't listening

I just won't stand for this

You don't want to make me angry

Okay, now I'm extremely angry

Responses, please! (Other than 'why are you angry?' and 'why are you a shrew?' - we may never know these things.)

An Enormous Boner

Hahha... that mouse is like "what?" and then it turns out that it's like "Aww damn."

In the last one it's just like "I GIVE UP!"

The Human Crouton

That's adorable. I want to anger a shrew.

Oh good, Everdraed is here:

Angry my butt, he's just having a temper tantrum.

If you don't eat your broccoli, you're not going to grow up big and strong, not to mention you're simply never getting any pie.

Everdraed also made another Angry Mouse GIF; it's too big to present on the page but please click here, it's worth it!

Now that you've seen that, click the "2" below (or one of the other page numbers, if you're a damn weirdo) to proceed!

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