"Philovirus" gives sex an even sexier name:

"Dork457" finds one of the more interesting differences of a Nazi-run world:

"Gorilla Salad" combines tragedies for maximum grief:

"geno1173" makes dreams come true in the magic kingdom he calls his basement. But more importantly he made this picture:

Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-ZAP! Hey guys, we're done. I hope you enjoyed this informative and highly scary look at the alternate future that could have been our reality. Especially the part with the Storm Troopers. Thanks as always to our humble slaves, the Something Awful Forum Goons! Join us next week when we photoshop staplers into archived Richard Nixon colonoscopy photos. DO IT YOU PUNKS, I DARE YOU.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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