Hello friends and fraught readers of Photoshop Phriday! Most of you are aware that all of our weekly Phriday and Comedy Goldmine content is mined from the creative human artichokes of the Something Awful Forums, but what you don't know is that for all the zany images and laughs they produce, there is a lot more that slips through the cracks and fades off into the sunset never to be seen or heard from again. Sometimes, usually when I've been drinking heavily, I like to take images from some of the smaller photoshop threads speckling our forums and give them some attention anyway. Today we shine the flashlight (we can't afford a spotlight) on two recent Photoshop excursions into the depths of the partially unknown:

A Tribute to Dick Cheney: As some people might remember, Dick Cheney is the vice president of the United States. When he isn't busy living underground in secret Cold War bunkers or buffing his forehead with special forehead buffing products, he apparently has all sorts of adventures. Actually, no, he doesn't. But with a little help from the SA Goons, he manages to do a little more than whatever it is he does now.

Cut Through Marketing BS: Honesty is generally a good but ignored policy when it comes to marketing products and services. Since most companies lack honesty, the Goons decided to pick up the slack and redesign products, advertisements, and so on to reflect the truth, which we can apparently handle quite easily.


"Katto" started all the Dick Cheney antics, so blame him.

"Chibboleth" took a break from wrestling turtles to make this:

"plushpuffin" made this awful image, but it's so darn freaky I would be the next Hitler if I didn't include it:

"TunaSled" goes off to the Land of Oz in search of a good heart or courage or something like that:

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