Hello wayfaring readers, this week we're doing something special: completely ripping off a famous comedy bit. I say that now without the slightest bit of guilt, but see if that stops a dozen alert readers from letting me now this concept is actually from a TV show! The Something Awful Forum Goons decided to try their hands at Conan O'Brien's famous "If They Mated" bit where Photoshopping and malicious intent come together to create hideous mutant amalgamations of celebrities. It's a crazy enough concept to work, especially since somebody else has been doing it for about a decade! But see if that stops us!

"Cacogen" got things started by apparently forgetting it's no longer 1994. Here's Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly...

And here's what happens when you go on a blind date over the Internet:

"T3CK" shows the outcome of a hillbilly-lunatic courtship:

Real life zombies. Jesus, and I thought radiation was required.

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