In reality, people who read books fall into two categories: geeks and psycho killers. Unfortunately, due to this limited audience, most books tend to end up being repetitive and boring, much like my wit. We fixed this problem (the book problem, not my wit problem) by creating books aimed at an audience that hopefully doesn't exist. With the help of the Something Awful Forum Goons, we now present a collection of books written for people, robots, and creatures that exist only in the world of science fiction! If you think that's confusing enough, wait until you see all the weird and thoroughly nerdy references you probably won't get!

This week the Something Awful Goons were tasked with creating normal books aimed at audiences that exist only in the world of science fiction. In other words, the readers of these books would be robots, androids, aliens, and displaced pirates sent ten thousand years into the future.

Here is the warm and cuddly image I made that got things started:

Page 2: The Dark Side of Technology
Page 3: To Boldly Go Somewhere
Page 4: Oh! Those Crazy Star Wars!
Page 5: Alien Hootenanny
Page 6: Outer Space Shindig
Page 7: Space is the Place!
Page 8: Dumbing It Down to Earth
Page 9: The Very Swell Last Page
Page 10: The Not So Very Swell Last Page

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