Returning to a past theme with a slightly renewed focus, the Goons created a healthy number of zany images based off of classical and famous works of art and sculpture. As you might have guessed, some of the humor is based off knowing a little bit about the original painting. Still, most of these gems are straightforward enough that even a communist can appreciate them. In an exciting change of pace, this is the first Phriday in a long time to not feature excessive amounts of blood and other bodily fluids.

Hurry up and begin your fancy pants journey into the rotten depths of art appreciation!

"Digital Arse" comes from that other side of the rainbow...

"illumn8d" also spends his time hanging around rainbows.

"Alucardshark" is a true master of the joust:

"Alucardshark" rounds out his portfolio of deadly aliens:

"DrSpookles" has a love of flowers that no man nor governmant can deny:

"RipVTide" makes me wonder why Mario always wore shoes and a shirt that perfectly matched his mustache, hair, and eye color.

The sparcely populated "BoBane" captures the thrill and annoyingness of Q*bert:

Q*bert's quote sums up my feelings pretty well. Thanks to "stimpygato" for making the world a better place.

"JackBoCracken" spends too much time playing WarCraft III. Go build some more towers, nerd!

"henrys_cat" is on a wholesome variety of medications right now.

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