StandardVC10 sets 'em up, and...

...Egbert Souse knocks 'em down.

Bovine Fury
was Phriday's summer MVP, that's right our "Most Valuable Ph/Fconfusion joke" . A mighty honor.

Let's here it for Ralepozozaxe, a name synonymous with quality / that meteor that killed the dinosaurs.

Hang in there. Brian Boitano . How many more variants of smudgy clown comics from the 70's could there possibly be?

Rarity closes it up with four panels that aren't four panels! And that's it! What else is there to even say?

Captain Hygiene
sure shows me a thing or two.

WTF, schmuckfeatures?! Oh it's a sea lamprey? Oh. Thank goodness.

I thought we'd cover all the madness of Banker.Bmp in just two articles but we won't even come close, will we Sombrerotron?

Not even close?

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