So, we gas ourselves. We take an injury and are now severely wounded. Two more hits and we're dead. And we're headed into the toughest fight of the game so far! Do we want to fight or cave in and beg for mercy? Or is there something else that we could do?


We've got a big pile of loot cards and cash. Begging is off the table. But maybe we can bribe, then betray


use our violence.

poor life choice

Hell yeah. It's ball time.

Ponderous Saxon

Yeah, we've been blue-balling that thing for too bloody long. EAT THE TESTICLE.


don't eat the testicle it's like two days old by now

use it! use it for evil!


You finally decide to eat some balls. We flip forward to 171:

We need to decide what to do next:

1) What to do about our beaten adversary
2) Should we continue on to Bilgeton with the caravan or do something else?


1) Loot and shave our bested opponent and send him bare and buck naked back to Aggie. She'll find something to do with him.

2) Onto Bilgeton! We can double-cross the skeletons there and make some mad coin selling whatever it was they were guarding.


Big update this time. Scanner made it nearly through to the end!

Most people want to finish him, but since there's an ending right here if we spare him let's look at that. Turning to 78 for now:

That's just one of several possible fates for The Bastard Elf! The canonical finale appears in next week's Phriday; you can find the other endings in Gilganixon's now-archived SA Forums thread!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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