The final batch of images for this week came from a fairly successful thread aimed at ruining good movies in the traditional Hollywood way of adding pointless crap such as big guns, explosions, breasts, and/or Keanu Reeves. Enjoy, because I don't have anything else to offer you just now. I could offer you some chips I guess, but you didn't come here for that. Plus I need these chips because I like to snack.

schwenz heroically started this section of the Photoshop Phriday Variety Pack #10 extravaganza with no less than the very picture pictured below this text:

Brendle made this stunning metaphor for the forced sexualization of young women.

Gleng bribed his way into Photoshop Phriday by handing me some diamonds he got from outer space.

I'm going to give jalad a Voight-Kampff test with my fist.

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