For anyone who has played Max Payne, the gripping graphic novel cutscene sequences undoubtedly still linger like a corpse in a coffin cast into permanent darkness. The ridiculously overdramatic writing had a certain charm to it that, in spite of its overwhelming idiocy, still managed to be really cool and engrossing. Accompanied with pictures run through Photoshop filters for whatever reason, the cutscenes in Max Payne were definitely quite memorable. The Something Awful Forum Goons decided to try taking the gritty, melodramatic style of Payne and apply it other movies and situations. I'm warning you ungrateful bastards right here: this is one of those rare Phridays where you have to read to get any enjoyment. If you can't handle that, then wait until next week when we do our special "Golden Girls" swimsuit edition.

"Allen's Wrench" started events off with this very realistic scenario:

Industrious "rivetz" continues pumping out images:

"rivetz" makes lots of pictures, and this is one of those pictures!

"almostfearless" takes us into the mind of a true movie super star:

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