Fans of video games and fans of classic art have always hated each other. Video game fans hate the non-interactivity of art, and art lovers hate video games because they distract from art. But this week we unite these two contentious forces to discover the artistic origins of our favorite video game characters, as wholly imagined by Something Awful Forum Goons. Join us, young person, for a journey into the wonderful realms of art and big laser guns.

MrBlueDuck initiated operations this week by unleashing this image at exactly the right time.

Lupos found this on a beach inside a bottle and claimed it as his own.

MrBlueDuck drew some big scary monsters so try not to get afraid.

This was the last image Hanibalicious made before I accidentally pushed him into a meat grinder.

One image has captured the hearts of critics and audiences everywhere. This DukAmok image is not it.

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